DMX to Modbus Converter

Fineline Solutions specialises in producing protocol converters to bridge the gap between Industrial control systems and controllers found in the entertainment industry. One such application is to allow a lighting board to control an industrial device using one or more of the common lighting protocols:

  • ArtNet 1, 2 & 3
  • E1.31 / sACN
  • ESP Net
  • OSC
  • Pathport
  • SandNet
  • Strand Shownet

Our DMX to Modbus converter is a software application which can be used to convert lighting control data to Modbus/TCP, and can be run on a variety of Linux-based hosts including Beaglebone Black and Raspberry Pi. Modbus is an industry-standard, open protocol for exchanging data between industrial control systems and sensors.

A web interface allows one or more DMX universes to be mapped to the Modbus register space, potentially allowing data from several control sources to be merged together. The application implements a Modbus/TCP server, allowing any number of clients to connect to it to read values. The server fully conforms to the Modbus specification, implementing the necessary commands to allow register data to be read by the remote client. The application also allows a remote client to write data to the converter application, which can be transmitted as DMX, ArtNet, sACN etc. All unimplemented commands return an ‘illegal command’ error according to the Modbus specification.

The converter application has been tested with a variety of PLCs from different manufacturers. It is a cost-effective way to allow industrial equipment to be controlled from a lighting board, and also for industrial PLCs to control DMX-enabled lighting equipment.

Further information

For further information, or to order our application, please contact Fineline Solutions.