LED Tape Dimmer Module

Fineline Solutions has been working with LED lighting for many years, and projects often require large lengths of LED tape to be incorporated into set pieces and stages. Initially, we used widely-available DMX LED drivers for our projects, but quickly found that they simply aren’t designed for heavy use. Connectors became unreliable, and short-circuits caused by pinched cables within the set caused dimmer modules to catch fire. Clearly this isn’t the kind of problem you want to be dealing with on tour!

In response to the poor quality of the available dimmer options, Fineline Solutions decided to design their own robust dimmer module, incorporating many features to ensure that the dimmer works when you need it to:

  • Reverse polarity protection on supply terminals
  • Soft current limiting and short-circuit protection for each channel
  • Resettable supply fuse for each XLR
  • Robust, panel-mounted XLR connectors for connection to LED tape

The module is available as a single, populated PCB complete with XLR connectors. It has been designed to be panel-mounted: it is possible to fit two modules side-by-side in a 1RU panel. The module incorporates front-panel status LEDs for power, DMX reception, test mode and faults. DMX addresses can be set via a standard DIP switch on the rear of the module, or alternatively via DIP switches mounted on a remote panel. RDM firmware is planned to allow the start address to be set remotely.


Dimming channels 18 channels, arranged as 6 groups of 3 (for RGB)
Channel capacity 6A for each of 18 channels
6A total per XLR connector
Channel protection 6A resettable fuse for each XLR (supply pin)
6A soft limit for each dimmer channel
Test functions All red
All green
All blue
Channel scan
All channel colour block
All channel colour wheel
Module size 215mm wide
40mm high
58mm deep
Output connectors 6x 4-pin Neutrik female XLR
Power connector 2-pin high current screw terminal
DMX connector 3-pin screw terminal in
3-pin screw terminal through
Input voltage 12 – 24V DC
Maximum operating current 36A

Orderable Items

Item Order Code
18ch LED dimmer module, integrated address switch LED-6XLR-IA
18ch LED dimmer module, remote address connector LED-6XLR-RA
Remote address board for 2 modules LED-RAB2
1RU panel for 1 dimmer module (6 XLRs) LED-1RU6
1RU panel for 2 dimmer modules (12 XLRs) LED-1RU12
2RU panel for 1 dimmer module (6 XLRs) LED-2RU6
2RU panel for 2 dimmer modules (12 XLRs) LED-2RU12

Further information

For further information, or to request a quotation, please contact Fineline Solutions.