Motion Control

Many of our projects have a requirement to use industrial motors and drives to move large objects around. Although the technology exists to control these motors, it is rarely connected to other control systems. Our projects enable established motor and drive technology to be controlled from systems such as lighting boards and web pages. Our projects of this type have typically been in the entertainment industry, but clearly there are many applications.

Motion hardware

We support many of the major PLCs and motor drives on the market, however we would normally seek to specify the most appropriate hardware for the project. We have worked with the following manufacturers and technologies:

  • Motion controller: TrioMotion, ABB Baldor NextMove
  • Motor technology: DC motors, AC motors, servomotors, stepper motors and linear actuators
  • Motor drives: numerous variable-frequency drives, ABB Baldor Microflex servo drives
  • PLC: numerous PLCs from various manufacturers

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